The VX 520 EMV terminal comes enabled with our custom software and advanced security measures that can be used for both online and face to face transactions. With this system in place, merchants are able to process transactions faster and safer using message level encryption or P2PE. This new security feature with EMV chip and PIN entry assigns each transaction a unique code, so customer data is more secure than ever and merchants are protected.

A competitive edge.

Want to increase sales and boost customer retention? With our custom software, you can:

  • Create detailed customer profiles to help you predict spending habits
  • Identify potential sales opportunities
  • Link each credit card transaction to input fields, customizable for your business
  • Keep track of invoice numbers, purchase card level 2 prompts and other data
  • Create detailed reports that drive customized marketing campaigns
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your communication efforts and boost repeat business

Benefits of VitaPay EMV Terminal System

  • VX 520 EMV terminal
  • Create custom customer data entry using user generated fields
  • Authorize and track Purchase Card Level 2 prompts
  • Message Level Encryption (P2PE) – Point to Point Encryption
  • No time consuming software updates. All updates are free and automatic.
  • EMV Certified
  • Centralized online reporting
  • Collect important data on all transactions, create reports
  • Remote Hierarchy access for reporting
  • Host close of terminal batch