Zero Fee Processing

Zero Fee Processing

For a business to compete to today’s market, accepting credit card payments is a must. What may seem like small transaction fees from VISA, MasterCard, etc. can start to add up.

Processing fees can now be passed on directly to the consumer, using our merchant surcharging solutions. Merchants can build the fee into the cost of the item or let customers know that there will be an extra 3-4% charge to use a credit card over debit or cash.

This is great news for non-profits, municipalities, school lunch and government programs that can not afford to pay these fees. By passing the fee onto the consumer, merchants can offset the cost of credit card processing, saving valuable time, money and resources.

Benefits of VitaPay Merchant Surcharging Solutions

  • We are one of the few with compliant merchant surcharging solutions.
  • Pass credit card processing fees on to the consumer.
  • Save money and resources.
  • PCI compliant.
  • Secure data processing.

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